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History of School

Location South of Khandee. Zee Phyu Kone Ward Plot No. (3), Khamti District Sagaing Region It is jointly opened with Government Industrial Science (Khamti). History of the 66.75-acre area 3-6-2009 – Dr. Tun Kyaw Myint, Principal of Government Technical High School (Khandee); Ph.D (MC); The main subjects being taught by the Director are (a) Building Technology Training (b) Automotive Technology Training (AutoMechanics …

Background History

Government Technical Institute (Khamti) is intending to become one of the systematic training school to produce the technical experts and skillfull workers who qualify with the effective learning of all technical and vocational subjects in professional field to give interest of humans society
To product the technical experts and skillful workers who recognize by local and international, to cooperate with these technical and vocational subjects in the part of state and regional development
1U Soe LwinME (Mechanical)26.5.200916.2.20134 year,6 months,19 day
2U Soe Moe NaingME (Mechanical)16.12.201327.4.20151 year,4 months,11 days
3Dr.Man LonePh.D (Mining)22.4.201528.5.20183 year,1 months,6 days
4Dr. Htun Kyaw MyintPh.D (MC)28.5.201818.3.20212 year,9 months,18days
5Dr. Ohmar WinPh.D (Bio Technology)18.3.2021Today